No hour of life is wasted that is spent in the saddle. ~Winston Churchill

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Our Beginings on the Farm

Sometimes I think our love for certain things are deeply seated into our beings by how we were raised or the experiences that we encountered at a very young age. I believe that to be the case for me and my love for horses. One of my very first memories of proud Independence came while on the back of a horse one of the very first times I rode a horse on my own. My mount was a coal black mare named Gypsie that was nothing more than just a horse to the outside world, but my dearest and trusted friend that no champion thoroughbred could ever replace. Being only 6 galloping across the fields felt just like flying. I remember one day looking down at my tiny hands holding a horse figurine and thinking "yes, I love horses!" and a feeling of excitement welling up inside my chest. After that my childhood has been a blurr of horse posters filling my bedroom walls, horse books lining my bookshelves, and Breyer models strewn across my floors. My love for horses outlasted even the toughest of my teenage years and boys. I feel very fortunate that my parents tried their luck at farming, giving me the chance to experience all the things a farm life has to offer including horses. I absolutely loved when it was time to move the cattle and we did it the old cowboy way and headed them down the road on horse back. I felt like Calamity Jane or Annie Oakley heading out west with those little doggies. We had 3 horses on the farm that were not only for fun but useful as well. Goldie was a young energetic sorrel. Peanuts was a sorrel and white paint Shetland pony with a stubborn streak. Gypsie was my idea of the perfect horse patient and kind.
My new husband has a history with horses that goes way back as well. He grew up on a farm where he recalls having very large gardens that had to be attended to, therefore that is one of his least favorite things. But he also had a horse when he was young that his dad bought for him. One such horse was born on the day of the Kentucky derby and therefore was named Derby Day. I am sure he had pleasent experiences while on horse back and this is why he still has a passion for horses. Our days of youth are over, but our love for horses still continues.

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