No hour of life is wasted that is spent in the saddle. ~Winston Churchill

Sunday, November 14, 2010

A Fall Ride

Well here it is...the weather every cowboy and cowgirl dreams of...fall! No more insects, burning hot sun, or sweaty horses. I know it doesn't last very long, but it is definitely the best ride of the season! A few weekends ago we decided to take one last three day weekend, camping trip. We loaded up the horses and headed to the Land Between the Lakes. It isn't my husband's or my favorite ride, but with good company and the cooler weather, any place is enjoyed on the back of a horse. Some of our "Bucksville" friends had stated that they were going to be there and with the Big South Fork campgrounds being full we decided to head there and join them. With the beautiful weather and the color fully covering the trees it was no wonder that primitive campsites were all that was available. Once we arrived, got over the initial irritation of being without electricity, and settled in we knew we were in for a really nice weekend. The smell of campfires filled the air and the feel of autumn lightly kissed my cheeks, as I started building my first campfire for the weekend with my step son. After getting the camper organized, eating a quick supper of brats, and the horses comfortable on the picket line for the evening, we headed over to the Gregory campsite to see what was transpiring in the way of entertainment for the night. For those of you who do not know "Big Kenny", let me say you are deprived. Let me explain..."Big Kenny" as we know him isn't only a cowboy, but a true cowboy in the sense that he is very talented with his voice and a simple string instrument. He can belt out old and new country songs as smooth as velvet; wetting the appetite of the ears, with strong melody rooted deep with country. And most times his humor is salted throughout, keeping his audience entranced the whole evening. I guess that's why so many come back to his campfire evening after evening. Complete strangers often pull up a chair for the evening.

The next morning came, along with old fashioned cowboy coffee over the gas burner...but it was a little late for our usual rising. Oh the joys of vacation! We were saddled and ready by 10:00 and heading down the trails. We made our first stop or break about an hour into the ride. The smell of fall filled was tinted with the aroma of spicy leaves, baked by natures heat and the temperature was a delight to the outdoors man's soul. Not warm enough for short sleeves, but yet not cool enough for a jacket. The trees were breathtaking and the lake worth taking note. Complete with the migration of pelicans. But best of all the memories created with family and friends....this is the stuff that is priceless! And we still had one more day of riding and one more night of camaraderie! Oh, and food tastes so much better outdoors, my husband reiterates...he is so right! We cashed in for another night at the Gregory campfire, but Kenny was a little under the weather...we actually thought we might not be as lucky as the night before, but once he got pluckin and singing it was as if he faked his illness all along. I just can't imagine life without horses! Life is good!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Wintery Days

The Simmons' aren't people that like to stay home and off of the horses, but when winter weather doesn't cooperate we find other avenues to suffice our range roaming hearts. Often times we will take off on a road trip to parks and places of nature to at least capture in our hearts a little bit of the outdoors and talk and dream of greener pastures and times of hitting the trails again. Other times we will load up and hit the antique malls searching for old relics that remind us of our favorite past time and cowboy times of old. On one of our recent jaunts I came across this really neat old game board. It looks to be from maybe the 40's to 60's according to the pictures and colors that were used. At any rate I thought it was a great find for our collection. Hopefully one day we can finish our dream of having a "pool room" above the garage where we can spend some of these snowy days! Meanwhile.....we along with an old friend are already planning a summer of "Back in the Saddle Again"....Virginia is looking pretty good....or maybe even one of my favorite places....Big South Fork, TN..........Rollin, Rollin, Rollin, Keep those doggies Rollin........Happy Trails!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Our Newest Addition!

After countless days, hours, and months and knowing that "Taz" could never be replaced, I finally decided that the only medicine to heal my heart was to actually fill the void. Keith located this cute little mongrel in the clippet and suggested we go take a look. But he also mentioned that I should take along the cash as well because he knowing the animal lover I am knew without doubt that I would want to bring this cutie home....and of course he was right. I think this is the only time he has been right, but hey what can I say! We found out once we arrived at "Harley's" home that they were childhood friends of Kieth's that he used to spend time with. They had a great time catching up and I had a new puppy! He keeps me company and really busy around the house! Just like a kid, I have to pick up his toys and his messes. I didn't think he would ever learn where his bathroom was, but once he figured it out he hasn't forgotten. I have even convinced him that when he needs to go outdoors he rings a bell at the door! But this is not the only trick he has been smart enough to catch onto! He knows how to speak, fetch, beg, dance, shake hands, and even jump into my arms on command. We are working on laying down, but he just really doesn't like that trick too much. We go on hikes and car rides and even camping! He loves people and gets very excited to see one of the store owners in Russelville when we go to town. Think it is the dog treat that he gets there. Our other dog Bandit loves him and they play and have a great time together. Yet another change in the Barn!

Life in the Barn, with a Barn!

Yes, we finally got to our most needed project and built a barn this fall. This is what it looked like the first day the amish started on it after I arrived home. The second day it was done! It is a beautiful red barn and I am now anxiously waiting for the finishing of the inside, so that we can enjoy it to its fullest potiential. Having horses, but no barn is certainly one of the most inconvient things for an equine owner. We have a mule colt coming this spring, so we really need to get a jump on the finishing of this feat. I am also looking forward to our first neighborhood barn dance and cookout this summer! Come join the fun won't you??


I can't even remember the last time I blogged, but I do know that it was during a time of loss and time seemed to just stand still. Life in the ole barn just isn't what it used to be. I lost my dear friend and camping buddy "Taz" this past July and it has been one of the hardest things I have had to deal with this last year. But, we had many good times together and I have many fond memories of my loyal friend of 10 years. He stayed by my side clear to the end and the day I decided that he needed to suffer no more, I too was there for him, not leaving his side as his eyes closed and he met his canine buddies...we know all dogs go to heaven, right? Good-bye old freind you will truely be missed!