No hour of life is wasted that is spent in the saddle. ~Winston Churchill

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Howard Cole Sunday Ride

Gas and diesel prices continue to make riding a horse an empty wallet.  Searching for affordable, enjoyable, and convenient but worth while rides is a challenge.  Sometimes the challenge is met and all are pacified.  Today was one of those days.  After a hospitable invite by one of our newest friends "Carpie" and a recent trip to Mammoth Cave we thought that a trip this close to home was just what the wallet ordered.  We were immediately taken in with open arms by the host Howard Cole.  We met yet many more horse people that are sure to become friends we will again ride with. 

A group of about 12 gaited horses and one lone quarter horse paraded, rhythmically in time down the black top.  Thoughts of what was to come flooded my mind, but nothing could equal what my eyes laid on just over the hill.  Lush meadows with ripe seed heads waving in the breeze as our menagerie passes.  Tight cowboy dirt paths winding through hills of fresh timber mixed to the perfect Kentucky recipe.  Quaint little creeks and water passes for man and beast to cool off in lined with beautiful rock banks. 

Howard was a great trail boss and along with his guiding and the company of the wonderful horse people that accompanied him I had a most enjoyable day.  The best was yet to come!  Upon arriving back at Howard's he announces that supper is served!  Now this was a surprize that no new comer to Howard's rides would have ever expected.  A long day on the trail arriving back where you started with a growl in the belly and the thoughts that when you get back home, if you want to eat your work is only half done once the horses are unloaded, fed, and put to pasture.  Nothing better than clove and honey baked ham, bean soup, home made corn bread from an iron skillet, coleslaw, and southern sweet tea!  Wowee!  Everyone left with a quenched appetite, full belly, and a well cared for spirit.  Howard really knows how to plan the best ride!  Thank you Howard!

I can't wait for the next invite, even if there isn't food!  What a great day!

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