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Friday, June 8, 2012

Mulenburg County Fair and Mule Show

Even when I have the summers off, I certainly live for the weekends!  Nancy Woods had alerted me that there was an upcoming mule show and invited us to come and join them for the fun and antics.  Keith and I have a hard time turning down fun times with friends added with a mixture of equine.  So Friday night was date night!  We headed to the small town of Powderly and was met with  flashing midway lights, that lit up the sky like the strip of Las Vegas.  I wouldn't have thought it possible that so many people could crawl out of the nooks and crannies of that short breath of a town, but it was literally crawling with country bumpkins.  Our only disappointment was the $20 entrance fee, which I thought was a little steep, even if it did include the entrance to the midway.  Oh well, we pulled up our boot straps and sucked it up and went in search of a muley good time.  As we entered the Ag Center we immediately were met with a scene of every shape and size of long ear a body could imagine. 

There were short mules, teams of mules, tall mules, and even an appy mule.  A variety of riders accompanied their mounts, young and old.  I enjoyed watching the young at heart, but what tugged at my heart strings the most were the little ones sitting up on their mules just as well as any adult there.  I have to say kudos to the parents, grandparents, or who ever was responsible for those kids having that opportunity.  It really is not often children get out and do things any more that don't involve a piece of technology!  These kids know how to play, have a good time, and it's real not virtual!  There were several games that even I had never heard of that prompted a few laughs out of the audience.

  The monkey and the barrel consisted of a backhoe with a tire swing attached and a lone barrel.  The object was to gallop down to the opposite end of the ring and leave your partner-aka-monkey hanging from the swing while your rode your mule around the barrel and then came back to pick up your "monkey" and run back home.  It sounds easy, however tell a mule that!  Another contest was called the Dolly Parton race.  The mule rider was fitted with a bra then mounted on their mule to run down to the opposite end of the ring, get off their mule place two very fragile water balloons in their bra and ride back.

 Eddie Carroll did this for the first time with us cheering him on and he placed third!  Great job you know how we feel!  HA! 

We watched as our friends and their grand kids ran the poles and then decided to call it a night.

  It was by then well after 9p.m. and we had planned a nice little ride for the next morning.  The show continued without us and included events such as the pantyhose race, shovel race, barrel race, and various others.  Nancy took several pictures and it looked like they continued to have a great time and even brought home some cash and ribbons.  I wonder if this is on Keith's to do list for Miss Kitty in the future??

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