No hour of life is wasted that is spent in the saddle. ~Winston Churchill

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Where's Your Favorite Place to Trail Ride?

My Favorite Place to Trail Ride is...

Across the world people love to ride their horses in some of the most beautiful places and trails that allow man and beast.  Please share with all of this blog's viewers some of the best places you have been on the back of a horse.  It can be a public trail, your neighbor's fields, or even some where in your backyard.  Click comments under this post and leave your message for others to view.  If you do not have an account simply choose anonymous and you will also be allowed to post.  I look forward to your posts!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Memorial Day Ride East Fork TN

Aaaahhh the best thing about summer are the vacations!  Memorial Day jump starts summer and all summer activities.  We packed up the camper loaded the horses and early Friday morning headed to Eastern Tennessee!  Smokey Mountains here we come!  If you trail ride and have never been here, you are really missing out!  Leaving early Friday was a great way to miss all the busy weekend traffic.

Once we checked in and settled into our campsite, we just took in the nice weather and soaked in the scenery.  By late morning we decided we were ready for our first ride.  Hooves clip clopped over rocks and creek beds, passing the aromatic scented pines mingling with the pure fresh air.  Deep breaths of it relax the mind and soul.  Breath taking over looks span the ride.  Each stop along the trail helps me sink down in the saddle more.  I ponder how warm it is already for so early in the summer, but shake it off thinking that a hot day in the saddle trumps a comfortable day at work.  How easily time skirts away when there are no clocks and nature is all around.  Upon arriving back at camp the charcoal grill is started and jalapeno and cheese brats sizzle over the coals.  Food just tastes so good outdoors, even if it is just a hot dog!  Our camping neighbors meander over and ask if we are from Bowling Green.  Low and behold "Carpie" had told Eddie and Nancy also from Bowling Green that we were going to be at East Fork and to look us up.  Out of all the camping spots in the campground they were camped beside us!  We had a great visit and it was quickly decided that we would ride together the next day.

Early Saturday morning I prepare a breakfast of bacon, eggs, and biscuits and gravy.  Now this is the stuff vacation is made of!  Nothing better than going out the front door with a view of your horse and eating with mother nature while watching her make the day. 

Saddles are cinched and saddle bags are's time to hit the trail.  We decide to go to the waterfall this glorious day.  Keith is his normal self and before long we have another friendship with our latest neighbors Eddie and Nancy.  Eddie and Nancy have been together "dating" 21 years and are proud mule owners and competitive riders.  They have won numerous saddles and prizes for their abilities.  Eddie is a talented welder who can I am sure make anything out of a horse shoe. check out his website under  the tab Horse Stuff.  Nancy loves to take pictures like me and is also very talented with photo shop!  Check out some of her stuff at:

What a great day of forming new friendships!  After a nice supper of Spicy bacon wrapped chicken, fried squash, and green beans the boot scoot'n boots are pulled on and we head to the entertainment for the night.  Fun was had by all!  The band played until after midnight and we shut the place down!

Sunday morning camp was very quiet.  I guess a lot of cowfolk had way too much fun!  We weren't saddled and on the trail until almost after 10.  My motto is there are no clocks on vacation though, so no harm done!  Our equine crew leisurely strolled through the pine sprinkled hills pausing to view the awesome over looks.  We stopped at Ding Dong Rock, Janes Overlook, and Swift Ford just to name a few.  God is such a great artist!

Since it was such a hot day we were thankful that there was water along the way for the animals to drink!  Notice the color of the water.  Some of the water contains iron and Eddie's mule "Moon Pie" seemed to love it best.  Heading back to camp on this day seemed a little sad knowing it was our last ride for the weekend.  Although back at camp still proved to be an adventure.  Keith has decided that he is a professional agravator.  Which most of us already knew!  He just had to challenge a young man with a race through an obstacle course there at the stables.  Wonder who won??  Well it wasn't a professional agravator!  What a hoot!  We had a great supper of my crock pot stuffed green peppers, fried potatoes and onions, with corn on the cob a little late that night, but still it was welcomed.  We ended our evening listening to ZZ Top with Eddie and Nancy just vegging out.

And then all good times must end!  Monday morning was here in a flash.  And as always I am planning our next trail adventure...Happy Trails my friends... 

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Howard Cole Sunday Ride

Gas and diesel prices continue to make riding a horse an empty wallet.  Searching for affordable, enjoyable, and convenient but worth while rides is a challenge.  Sometimes the challenge is met and all are pacified.  Today was one of those days.  After a hospitable invite by one of our newest friends "Carpie" and a recent trip to Mammoth Cave we thought that a trip this close to home was just what the wallet ordered.  We were immediately taken in with open arms by the host Howard Cole.  We met yet many more horse people that are sure to become friends we will again ride with. 

A group of about 12 gaited horses and one lone quarter horse paraded, rhythmically in time down the black top.  Thoughts of what was to come flooded my mind, but nothing could equal what my eyes laid on just over the hill.  Lush meadows with ripe seed heads waving in the breeze as our menagerie passes.  Tight cowboy dirt paths winding through hills of fresh timber mixed to the perfect Kentucky recipe.  Quaint little creeks and water passes for man and beast to cool off in lined with beautiful rock banks. 

Howard was a great trail boss and along with his guiding and the company of the wonderful horse people that accompanied him I had a most enjoyable day.  The best was yet to come!  Upon arriving back at Howard's he announces that supper is served!  Now this was a surprize that no new comer to Howard's rides would have ever expected.  A long day on the trail arriving back where you started with a growl in the belly and the thoughts that when you get back home, if you want to eat your work is only half done once the horses are unloaded, fed, and put to pasture.  Nothing better than clove and honey baked ham, bean soup, home made corn bread from an iron skillet, coleslaw, and southern sweet tea!  Wowee!  Everyone left with a quenched appetite, full belly, and a well cared for spirit.  Howard really knows how to plan the best ride!  Thank you Howard!

I can't wait for the next invite, even if there isn't food!  What a great day!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Miss Kitty Moves In

Meet Miss Kitty, Keith's new addition:

Age: 1
Special talents: braying, pulling, snooping, and sneaking
Keith's favorite quote about Miss Kitty: This may be my last ride
Kerry's favorite quote about Miss Kitty: matching-to Jazzy my palomino mare and well...we each match our rides!  HA! Mules are always good for a great joke!

Favorites: being rubbed, exploring, and kicking up her heels
Challenges: everything...she is a mule

Unusual:  color-palomino mule
Hopefuls: that she is gaited like all her siblings, and easy to train
What Miss Kitty misses most:  other mules to play with...the neighborhood dogs just won't come out to play!