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Monday, February 1, 2010

Our Newest Addition!

After countless days, hours, and months and knowing that "Taz" could never be replaced, I finally decided that the only medicine to heal my heart was to actually fill the void. Keith located this cute little mongrel in the clippet and suggested we go take a look. But he also mentioned that I should take along the cash as well because he knowing the animal lover I am knew without doubt that I would want to bring this cutie home....and of course he was right. I think this is the only time he has been right, but hey what can I say! We found out once we arrived at "Harley's" home that they were childhood friends of Kieth's that he used to spend time with. They had a great time catching up and I had a new puppy! He keeps me company and really busy around the house! Just like a kid, I have to pick up his toys and his messes. I didn't think he would ever learn where his bathroom was, but once he figured it out he hasn't forgotten. I have even convinced him that when he needs to go outdoors he rings a bell at the door! But this is not the only trick he has been smart enough to catch onto! He knows how to speak, fetch, beg, dance, shake hands, and even jump into my arms on command. We are working on laying down, but he just really doesn't like that trick too much. We go on hikes and car rides and even camping! He loves people and gets very excited to see one of the store owners in Russelville when we go to town. Think it is the dog treat that he gets there. Our other dog Bandit loves him and they play and have a great time together. Yet another change in the Barn!


  1. What a cutie! I bet you've enjoyed being with him on these snow days.

  2. Yes, it has been a blessing to have him once Keith goes to work and I can't get out....there would be no one else to keep me company!