No hour of life is wasted that is spent in the saddle. ~Winston Churchill

Sunday, March 25, 2012

It's Officially Riding Season!

Ah....I sit down deep in my saddle, my horse and I head up the trail and join my husband and Skeeter. I begin to let my mind relax. My therapy begins the second I begin to take it all to my ears...the rhythmic beat of hooves,the horses blow intermittenly, sweet songs of countless song birds, the occassional frog or insect, and leaves whispering as it reaches my senses. I inhale deep the earthy aroma of mother nature, sprinkled with a poutporri of wildflowers, last years autumn leaves slightly warmed; courtoesy of the sun, added to the very distinct smell of horse (that we horse people feel is the best smell ever!). I take in the eye candy...a turtle basking in the sun, the occassional snake slithers into the woods, lovely flora scattered throughout the forest floor, and many other sights painted by mother nature.

"How can anyone not be refreshed and rejuvienated by all of this?" I ponder. I know that Keith often wonders what is wrong when I am quiet, but if only he knew I was just taking in the pure enjoyment of life with him and the horses at this frozen moment in time. The only worrisome thought that crosses my mind during moments like this is, "How soon will we be able to do this again?" He often comments while on rides like these, "This is a day you never want to end, isn't it?" I told my friend Lori about this recent trip and she replied, "I am glad that you and Keith can do something together and enjoy it!" And you know she is right...maybe this is truely the biggest part of my enjoyment. I have someone to share these moments with, who also understands it's value to me.

The only thing that can make this ride any better is to get back to camp to a wonderful meal and build a campfire. To end my therapy session for the day I settle in to a comfortable chair and stare into a crackling fire and occasionally look over at God's wonderful creatures as I listen to soothing sound of their contiuous chewing of fresh, aromatic, sweet hay. The only thing that interupts this serenity is my husbands soft voice recounting the events of the day and of the ride to come.

This was one of the best, first rides of the season! Our ride lasted 4 days and 3 nights and we are already planning our next trip! Please come back and join me later. I will be sharing great camping recipes and tried and true tips to help you make your next camping trip the best!

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