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Saturday, March 31, 2012

How to Build the Best Campfire

My husband will appreciate this post, just for the mere reason that we are forever discussing how to create the best fire. And as campers we know that our camping experience isn't quite complete without it. There's nothing better at the end of the day then pulling up a chair and gazing into the wispy, blue, hot flames licking at the air, as you slowly turn that juicy, sizzling frank as it turns bubbly and brown.

To build a great fire you must first consider the fire triangle.

The triangle consists of fuel, oxygen, and heat. The best fuel for your fire is dry wood, but I have proven to my husband, with the right tools; building a fire with damp wood is even possible. It's also good to have a manufactured fire starter, some dryer lint, or some rolled up newspaper. We usually use some like these starter logs.
Next gather an armful of twigs, about the size of your pinky finger, and continue to gather larger twigs and sticks, until you have enough to make a decent pile.

This along with your fire starter is your tender/kindling. Now choose your source of ignition. I prefer lighters that have a long tip for lighting my fire, however matches, cigarette lighters, and even flint will start a well built fire structure.

Now that you have supplies needed here's how to build the best campfire.

1. Place your fire starter in a place designed for a fire, such as a fire pit, fire ring or a place where stones are positioned in a simple circle.
2. Now break the twigs into 5-7 inch pieces and arrange them teepee style on top of the fire starter. The teepee shape will encourage your fire to breath, giving it the oxygen it needs.
3. Continue to build up the teepee with the next sized sticks.

4. Add your logs starting with the smallest logs first and adding the larger ones once your fire is burning well.
5. I like to sprinkle a little lighter fluid on my built fire to speed up the ignition process a bit, but it isn't necessary.
6. If you aren't using lighter fluid, light the fire stater. If you have chosen to use fluid, light the part of the structure closest to you.
7.Sit back and enjoy your fire! And when you need to add more wood just be sure it's also propped up teepee style with the rest and your fire will continue to provide you enjoyment!

If you've ever had an interesting campfire story please share.

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