No hour of life is wasted that is spent in the saddle. ~Winston Churchill

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Benefit Ride Logan County Saddle Club

One thing I have noticed since Keith and I have been together is that you can never have too many friends!  Of course I already knew that, but Kieth takes it to a level most just don't.  He never sees a stranger he won't talk to and this outgoing part of his nature has lead us to a lot of new acquaintances.

One evening in April was no different.  Keith had been talking to a coworker about a horse his brother had that he might want to look at to buy.  After checking out the horse he stopped to talk to his coworker about motorcycles.  He told Keith of one a neighbor had just down the road.  This led us to a man's house we will forever refer to as "Carpie" which is what all his friend's call him.  Now he is not the man who had the motorcycle, however because of his magnetic personality all of his neighbors end up at his place including the motorcycle belonging to the neighbor.  Before we left the whole neighborhood was in "Carpie's" garage having a wonderful visit.  We find horse people in the most unlikely places and here was no different.  After Keith and "Carpie" discussed who they each knew and where they liked to ride we received an open invitation to ride with "Carpie" sometime and it wasn't long before we got the chance. 

On April 21st the Logan County Saddle Club organized and had a benefit ride for Debbie Stamps a cancer survivor.  The day was very chilly but every one's spirits were high with generosity.  We started the afternoon with a ride through the hills of Mike Johnson's farm and ended back at the saddle club for an amazing pork BBQ sandwich meal and auction.  People were so generous with their bidding that they weren't even sure what they had bought.  We left with a few halters, girths, and some black berry bushes, which Keith is patiently waiting to produce it's first bounty.  Every part of my body was numb with cold but my heart was warmed with the spirit benevolence.

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