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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

High Knob-Max and Mary Style

No matter how many times we pull into a camp ground to set up camp and plan a riding trip I am just as excited about the ride as the first time I ever got to take my horse out camping.  It was a dream I had as long as I can remember in my childhood days at home with my beloved Gypsi pony.  My parents didn't have a fancy trailer and we weren't a family that based our weekends around trail rides or horse shows, but they sometimes fueled my dreams by taking me into our small home town for the county parade each year.

Rounding the corner into and past the High Knob camp ground we were greeted with the witty camaraderie of Ms. Jojo Moomey camp ground owner.  I anticipate the humor and fun that will be had by all in the company of these wonderfully enjoyable horse people.  As usual she demands that we make ourselves at home and set up camp where we like.  We had planned to meet up with a couple we met here back in October for a nice weekend ride.  Our first day Keith and I enjoyed some time alone while we awaited the arrival of our new found friends.  I knew once they arrived I was in for a side splitting time! 

After getting set up Keith and I took a nice short ride deep in the Shawnee forest and enjoyed the scenery of the huge rock formations that cover the forest.  That evening I built my famous campfire and we enjoyed each others company as we listened to the serene distant call of the first spring message of the unforgettable whippoorwills.  A lone coyote howls in unison.  We reminisce about our first meeting with Max and Mary.  The nights and days were cool but not unpleasant.  The nights proved to be just what a fire calls for.

Day 2 we meet up with Max and Mary at the spring.  Max leads up through The Lower Hurricane and the Snow Cone.  He tells us the story of a professor and his wife who tried to live here in the hills and rocks away from civilization.  It was deemed The Snow Cone because he thought he could set up a drink and snow cone booth to sell to passers by.  As we pass The Snow Cone and enter The Lower Hurricane Max tells the story of the mountain man who lived in the cave at the bottom of the canyon.  We get off and explore and still see tell tale signs of his existence.  We come across the infamous gator that has been humorously placed in the Forest for finders to move when found.  The men decide to oblige.  The humor projected by Max and Keith is unrelenting and merciless.  That evening we meet Max and Mary at their cabin for a nice fire and some more comedic relief.

Day 3 Keith decides that we need to ride to H Canyon.  Max and Mary decide to sit this one out since their ponies haven't gotten in many rides yet this year and H Canyon is a longer ride.  We meet up with Grady a High Knob resident and his friend Barbra.  H Canyon was breath taking!  The canyon was deep and lush.  Fresh spring water was flowing and it was a picture right out of a wild west movie.  We had lunch at the bottom where someone has positioned rocks for a campfire and stones to make reclining seats. 

Day 4 we take one last long ride for the weekend.  We ride to the ti pee and through dead horse canyon.  It was a long ride but the day seemed to pass as if it were only minutes.  We arrived back at camp tired from playing hard, but happy.  We decided that since it was getting late our best option for supper was the steak dinner at M and M camp ground.  Boy were we right!  A medium well cooked sirloin with a baked potato loaded with the works complimented with a side salad and a tall glass of southern sweet tea!

Before we knew it we were packing up to go home and planning our next back of a horse adventure!  Times like these always pass in the blink of an eye!

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